Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hunting in the North of Sweden

So finally after many, many hours of studying, even more hours at the shooting range practising with both clay pigeons & shotgun or on the moose range with my Howa 1500 (.308 Winchester) it is time for my first moose hunting trip. It'll be near Luleå - actually closer to Boden - which is very much in the North of Sweden.

I trust my Howa will be up for the task (_ref_) although I'm sure it's more in the Hunter's skill than in the weapon of choice whether or not the hunt is successful or not.

Today we scouted the area where I'll be on my first hunt ever. It seems to have a lot of wild life and even some brown bears can show up. We have license to hunt brown bear too,. but unless I'm up in one of the towers where a wounded bear can't easily get to me I will simply never even try for that game.

If opportunity arrise I hope that I can take a side trip to see if there are any hazelhen ( a kind of woodland groose) that can be dinner ;-) but that's more for the challenge - I don't think I would get lucky in this area.

I honestly don't think I'll manage to even glimpse one of big northern moose but I sure hope so.

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